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South llford Business Association

SIBA was formed in 1997 in order to represent the small businesses in South liford, particularly liford Lane. At that time it was felt that these, mostly family run businesses, were contributing to the wealth of the Borough but were being given no recognition for this.

Sinccthen much has been achieved and, as Ilford Lane has prospered so has SIBA and we now have a greater say in Local Government issues that affect businesses in the area.

SIBA is striving continually to bring further improvements to South llford and we are pleased that grant funding is helping to ilnprove the attractiveness of the area and encouraging shopkeepers to improve, not only their shop fronts but the way in which they trade bringing with it greater prosperity.

This web site is aimed at introducing Ilford Lane as a unique and thriving shopping area that will encomage people to shop here and, at the same time, encourage multicultural unity within the business community with a common aim of making Ilford Lane an exciting place to shop.

Khalid Hussain ( Middle ) - Chairman

Habib Rehman ( Right )- Deputy Chair

Dennis Aylen ( Left ) - Secretary


For More informations on the Association or Ilford Lane Please contact us at:
115 ilford Lane, ilford Essex IG1 2RN
Tel: 020 8514 0600 Fax: 020 8514 5060


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